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Child, Last night I worried that I have nothing to teach you about charity. I think of this every time I see the bitter boys begging change at the stop light. Their placards urge me to have a heart. Apparently … Continue reading

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Thinking of you, mom

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History is possible

Child, History emerges before you. So many words we receive from so many people. Those who had children, be it two years or fifty-two years ago, are immediately thrown back in time to these moments: when they first knew they … Continue reading

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We are wire

Child, Your father is a wire: long and lean, coiled of endless strands, surviving on tension. Ideas jolt through me like electricity. A wire is full of heartache for the stories and songs and pictures that are lost into air. … Continue reading

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We hold our breath for hours and days before these special photo sessions. It's strange and amazing to make contact across these membranes. Even as you are so close, you are in a faraway galaxy. We beam sound waves at … Continue reading

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